Portland Middle School
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The Big Idea Behind Integrating Hypertext in the Classroom
The student websites listed below were created by students in Nancy Patterson's language arts classes at Portland Middle School as part of the regular language arts curriculum.  Computer technology is an important literacy tool, one that enables the writing processes.  Hypertext or web technology further enables those processes by placing students in situations where they must make associations between chunks of text.  It is those associations, those links between one concept and another, that literacy is really about.
As you navigate through the student websites, please remember that these middle school students are all at different places on the literacy continuum. These sites will contain spelling deviations and will show students' growing development in written language.  They are not adults and have not yet developed an adult's literacy level.  But they are getting there. And projects such as these help them grow their literacy through active involvement with language.

Please let us know what you think.

Click here to see Milwaukee 2000 pics

Chris and Adam doing their thing at the MACUL 
Student Technology Showcase in Grand Rapids, MI.

Student web sites

Poetry Webs
Biography Webs
Edison Web
Mark Twain
Sitting Bull
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Robert E. Lee
Clara Barton
Martha Washington
Jackie Robinson

 Special Projects

Bald Eagles by Caitlin
The 20th Century by Adam
Slavery Web by Sara


Student Poetry


Biography Webs--Part of a joint history and language arts 8th grade project

America Web, an American History Project

Other Sites to Visit

Nancy Patterson
National Council of Teachers of English
Michigan State University
Voice of the Shuttle
National Writing Project - Information
Convergent Analysis:
An Introduction to Literary Criticism - Contents
As We May Think by Vannevar Bush
Kairos: Home Page
  Cyber English Syllaweb
The New York Times on the Web
The Definition of Hypertext and Its History
Poetry Zone